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Sakthi Flocked Clearer Rollers

About our company

As you are all aware, there are always a struggle in maintaining the conventional clearer rollers in ring frame and comber due to manpower, cost effectiveness, and quality. In order to eliminate and give peaceful working nature in the clearer rollers.

We introduce ourselves M/S SAKTHI ASSOCIATES, COIMBATORE. are the manufacturer of new generation FLOCKED CLEARER ROLLER suitable for LR , LMW, REITER, KTTM,CHINEESE Ring frames, having Drafting system of SKF, TEXSPARTS,AND LMW. Also we are manufacturing Flocked clearer roller suitable for all types of combers. For the better cleaning efficiency and extended life of the rollers we are giving a unique Flocked clearer roller cleaning machine with latest cleaning technology. Moreover to reduce the man working hour and ensure smooth working of the m/c throughout the life we are giving auto feeding system attachment for the existing and new machines.

We have our reachable technical selling agents all over India and abroad for your easy reference.



Our products are cost effective when comparing with the conventional rollers and you will avail the payback of the capital cost with in 16months. You will get more than 3 years life.


Our products are manufactured with the help of the imported machines , imported raw material and undergoing the statistical and scientific analyses to maintain the quality standards.


We take care of customers and our products by providing a Textile qualified Engineers who are having a working Experience of more than 18 years in the textile spinning industries.